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Vaccine Passports

What is an vaccine passport?   

It is an official document, either physical or electronic that confirms an individual has received a certain vaccine. In this case the vaccine would be a Covid-19 vaccine.          
Why and where would these passports be used?  

Governments and businesses could make use of them to restrict people from going to work, or boarding planes, trains, buses or other forms of transportation if they did not have one. There are many other restrictions they could be used for including but not limited to buying insurance policies, entering stores or restaurants, attending sport events/activities or nightclubs or any public social activity.          
The rationale for mandating vaccine passports would be that anyone not having one could be Covid-19 positive and infect others around them.          
But the entire concept of vaccine passports and the urgent need for them is built upon a myth. The myth is that Covid-19 is a deadly disease that will kill tens of millions of people around the world.          
The reality is that after three years (if we believe the official Covid-19 death figures) the virus has killed the same number of people who die from pneumonia! Approximately 2 million people each year.

Furthermore, shortly after the release of the vaccines we learned that the vaccinated are just as likely to transmit Covid-19 as the unvaccinated.

Who started the myth that Covid-19 is a deadly disease to be feared like the Spanish flu, and who perpetuates it?          
The W.H.O. and C.D.C. started the myth and government leaders around the world and the mainstream media have all jumped on the same bandwagon to perpetuate it. They have all done an excellent job of instilling fear and anxiety in the public, pumping them 24/7 with non-stop news stories about soaring Covid-19 case numbers and deaths.          
Any solutions these organizations and governments have for the pandemic will be, by default, completely unnecessary and harmful both physically and mentally to the world at large. It would be like undergoing an operation to remove a tumor that didn't exist.          
Is there a need for vaccine passports each season when the flu season starts? People get sick and die from the yearly flu pandemics in numbers similar to Covid-19 but we have never seen or even discussed having immunity passports for them.

Traditionally when you become infected or receive a vaccine for a disease your body creates antibodies to protect you from future infection. But with Covid-19 we are seeing disappointing results.

People are routinely becoming reinfected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not.

Wajnberg, A. et al. -  Humoral immune response and prolonged PCR positivity in a cohort of 1343 SARS-CoV 2 patients in the New York City region  Apr. 30, 2020 Text

Too few immune people to make vaccine passports practical:

The proportion of individuals known to have recovered from Covid-19 vs. those who never were infected varies widely in different populations. Hot spots in Germany and the United States show some locations have recovery rates between 14% and 30%.  3,000 people were tested in New York state in grocery shops and other public locations and 14.9% had antibodies against Covid-19. These are likely the exception however. In an April press conference, the WHO estimated that only 2–3% of the global population had recovered from the virus.          
Vaccine passports would erode privacy:          
The alleged purpose of vaccine passports is to control movement. By default, any implementation of vaccine certification would include a system for identification and monitoring. But paper documentation could fall victim to forgery.          
Electronic documents present a more serious risk to privacy.           
China has implemented vaccine passports in some Provinces to restrict entrance into public places on the basis of an individual’s Covid-19 health status. But the smartphone passport apps report more than just Covid-19 data. People’s locations, travel history, contact history and other health information, including body temperature and previous illnesses are also tracked.          
Taiwan uses similar smartphone apps and can alert police departments directly if required. The United States, United Kingdom, and many other countries are also testing vaccine passport options.           
It is highly likely the smartphone apps won't fade away when Covid-19 does. China has already signaled that its QR-code tracking system will likely continue after the pandemic ends.          

Nature Medicine  -  On the responsible use of digital data to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic     Mar. 27, 2020 
National divisions.           
Vaccine passports could also fuel divisions between nations. Countries that are either unable or unwilling to issue vaccine passports          
would lock their citizens out from countries requiring them.           
New forms of discrimination:          
Should vaccine passports become standardized, there is a very real possibility that the program would be expanded to include other personal health information. Today's vaccine passports could become tomorrow's biological passports that would store mental health data, genetic test results and lifetime immunization records.          
Government agencies, health departments, employers, insurance companies, law-enforcement officers and others could all discriminate as to who gains access to work and services on the basis of an 'appropriate' biological passport.          

Clayton, Evans, Hazel and Rothstein  -  The Law of Genetic Privacy: Applications, Implications, and Limitations   May 31, 2019 

In summary, vaccine passports are just another in a long line of high-tech ideas being promoted by entrepreneurs more interested in a get-rich scheme than truly serving the populace with a worthy invention that would be of benefit to society.   

Governments worldwide however do see possibilities in using vaccine passports for nefarious purposes to gain even more control over their citizens.

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