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​Most people around the world can sense that this decade has started in a most 'unusual' way. Each day that passes seems to get crazier and crazier. The entire world seems to be living in fear.               

Governments, health organizations, big pharma and the mainstream news media are creating this fear and capitalizing on it. They are using it to impose measures that people never would have imagined before. Nightmarish measures such as total lock downs of countries, social distancing, mandatory face masks, quarantines, temperature checks, contact tracing and more.   
Mandatory vaccines arrived in many countries as well as vaccine passports and digital tracking, in addition to the oppressive measures that have already been implemented.          
We have reached a turning point in the history of mankind. A fork in the road.          
We are being conditioned to be passive, docile and obedient. It is urgent that we stop acquiescing to the system and stop cooperating with our own enslavement.         
It is time to speak up and say "We are not going to take this anymore!".


Our Genesis

Root for Liberty was formed shortly after a member of an alternative news website made a post in the comment section mid-May 2020 about an idea he had.     
The idea was to unite like-minded people from around the world who refuse to go along with government and corporate agendas to control people against their will. The Corona virus pandemic has given governments the perfect opportunity to manipulate and coerce citizens around the world with draconian measures that incrementally strip away more and more of their rights and freedoms.


We have a universal symbol for Remembrance Day;       the poppy flower

We have a universal symbol for love and romance;               the heart

We have a universal symbol for peace;                                   the peace sign

We have a universal symbol for protection in conflict;     the red cross

The member posited: "Why not create a symbol to identify all those who oppose the government and corporate mandates being imposed?"

A universal symbol that could be distributed and shared around the globe symbolizing strength and liberty among people who want to take back control of their lives seemed like a perfect unification tool. A symbol that would be instantly recognizable.
Other members of the site immediately took a liking to the idea and Root For Liberty was born shortly after.       
The Root For Liberty
logo is made up of a sturdy tree with roots of liberty planted firmly in the ground. Its leaves are made up of butterflies, which symbolize eternal freedom.          
As the logo becomes more and more popular people will begin to quickly see others in their community who share a common bond for freedom and a distaste for tyrannical measures.          
It is the hope of Root for Liberty that these people will stand up against the tyranny that is threatening all of our lives.


Red Cross0.png

Our Mission

uniting liberty-lovers who oppose tyrannical agendas


Our Goals

circulate the Root For Liberty™ logo as a universal symbol

of strength and solidarity among liberty-lovers

raise awareness of corporate-controlled, tyrannical government agendas eroding individual rights

encourage people to proclaim far and wide that a 

"new normal" is not inevitable if we reclaim our rights


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