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There have been quarantines of citizens over the centuries due to various diseases but none have been as comprehensive and draconian as what we are witnessing now.         

How did the lockdowns come about and what are they trying to accomplish?          
More than 35 million people were locked down in China's Hubei province by the end of January 2020; the province where the virus was first detected.          
At the time the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020 only five countries had locked down their countries.          
Less than three weeks later more than 100 countries were locked down with citizens restricted to their homes, businesses shuttered and borders closed to travel.          
Why was the world panicking so quickly and why were governments around the world moving in lockstep, deliberately creating chaos and fear?         
What was special about this virus compared to previous ones?          
One man, Neil Ferguson a British epidemiologist, played a crucial role in the flood of lockdowns that ensued worldwide.          
Ferguson's Imperial College paper on Covid-19 was released with remarkable speed, on Mar 16, 2020 just five days after the virus was declared a pandemic.          
In his paper he predicted 2.2 million Americans and more than half a million Brits would be killed if drastic measures weren't implemented.          
At the time there were 6,470 Covid-19 deaths worldwide, yet he was comparing its lethality to the Spanish flu of 1918 when more than 20 million people were reported to have died.          
As a result of China's lockdown which eventually saw more than half a billion people locked down and Neil Ferguson's dire predictions, the world followed suit country by country, until more than 100 were locked down.          
Although the lockdowns were initially to remain in place for two weeks, allowing time for any potential Covid-19 infections to resolve, governments kept extending them for weeks and weeks and eventually months.          
Wall-to-wall 24/7 mainstream media coverage of the pandemic stoked fear in the public for more than two years.       
The official reason for the lockdowns was to stop the virus from spreading. Fortunately several countries did not lock down, and so we could compare whether or not the lockdowns achieved their goal.          
Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and most African countries all did not lockdown. Each one fared as well if not better in containing the virus, as those countries that did lockdown. So we now know that the lockdowns have not been necessary.           
It is important to note as well that the most authoritative health organization in the world (W.H.O.) issued a statement in their 2019 publication entitled "Non-pharmaceutical public health measures for mitigating the risk and impact of epidemic and pandemic influenza" that quarantine of exposed individuals is not recommended under any circumstances. Obviously this recommendation would apply to non-exposed individuals as well.          
The non-locked down countries proved that there were no benefits to lockdowns. But what were some of its negative effects?          
Here is just a partial list:          
- An increase in domestic violence, rape.          
- More suicides.          
- Lowering of our natural immune system, leaving us susceptible to a greater number of infections when the lockdowns end.          
- A rise of people having severe depression especially when losing their jobs.           
- Cancelled surgeries and other medical treatment leading to 'deaths of despair'.          
- Devastating psychological impact from being separated from loved ones, especially when someone is dying.          
- An increase in divorces, affecting children’s future well being.          
- An overall increase in stress impacting health negatively.           
- Our right to protest has been taken away.           
- Enormous negative economic impact resulting in massive unemployment, business closures and bankruptcies.          
- A rise in drug addictions.          
We are currently living through probably the biggest psychological operation ever perpetrated in the history of mankind.          
A small clique of world health leaders and policy makers have set the rules that have taken away the rights and freedoms of most of the people on this planet!          
Millions of people die each year from the yearly worldwide flu and pneumonia pandemics, just as millions of people are dying now from the COVID-19 pandemic.          
Yet we don't lockdown the world during the deadly flu and pneumonia season.          
And strangely the mainstream media does not promote fear in the public 24/7 during the yearly flu and pneumonia pandemics when millions of people are dying worldwide.     
And strangely the mainstream media does not give daily updates on flu and pneumonia cases and deaths 24/7 during the yearly flu and pneumonia pandemics just as they are doing now during the Covid-19 pandemic.          


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